The finished Tree Fern garden
How the garden looked at the start
The owners, having finished their extension which incorporates a state of the art modern kitchen, were ready to tackle the unwelcoming space which lay outside.
York stone terrace
Expanding the space from inside to out, French doors now lead onto a York stone terrace with tram-lines of complimentary York stone setts defining the path to a contemporary water feature.
Water feature
The water feature draws the eye and gives depth to the garden and is strikingly lit with small LED’s from the side and behind.
Raised hardwood deck
A raised hardwood deck provides the perfect area for sitting and relaxing; generous, build-in cantilevered benches are perfect for lazily reading the Sunday papers.
Tree fern
The planting, in this north facing garden, was chosen to have a lush, warm, jungle feel. In the large border Dicksonia antartica (Tree Fern) provides the main focus,
Under-planting of the Tree ferns
and are under-planted by evergreen ferns, interspersed with a succession of flowering perennials.
Tulips were added for seasonal interest.
Seating area
Small evergreen trees provide seclusion around the seating area, and fragrant climbers scent the whole space. Spot-lights are placed to provide atmosphere and illuminate the planting at night. It is now a lovely space to be in.